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Sick of being sick

Every year around this time, I hear about the dreaded viruses that are making their rounds. And every year I hear how this year’s viruses are particularly virulent wreaking havoc on our vulnerable immune systems. I also often hear how the viruses have had more than one round with the same person, often hitting harder the second time around. The medley of symptoms range from severe body aches to raging fevers, hacking coughs and green nasal discharges. 

Of course, it’s no fun being sick. And illness does seem to strike when we need it the least. But symptoms are proof that a war is raging between your immune system and the invaders:

Fever is a sign of the body’s defence mechanisms kicking in. The back-up army of white blood cells is released and sent to fight the invading germs. Body aches are a side effect of white blood cells being sent off to fight. Coughs are a force to expel the ravages of war and discharge from the nose is proof of a fight that has been won. Instead of blocking the release of fighter cells, clamping down on coughs and drying up noses, we should support the body’s efforts in trying to establish balance. Studies have shown that suppressing fever prolongs the illness so it’s a matter of short term pain for long-term gain. And where is all that phlegm supposed to go if we don’t cough it out? Ditto for the yucky nasal discharge. 

You don’t necessarily need a homeopathic remedy to support the body in its efforts. Some home-based help includes:

  • Cutting a red onion in half, placing it a bowl with boiling water and breathing in the steam
  • Honey, ginger, lemon, turmeric combinations in boiling water sipped slowly
  • Loading up on good ol’ chicken soup
  • Avoiding caffeine

But if your vitality is overwhelmed, a remedy may be in order. I only prescribe a remedy if the body needs support beyond rest, good nutrition and the abovementioned suggestions. Sorry, you can’t have your cake and eat it. If your body is saying Stop there is nothing natural that you can take to keep going while trying to get better. It’s better to get better once and for all than to be manned down every two weeks with progressively worse symptoms. 

The selection of your homeopathic remedy does not depend on your disease but on your symptoms: a wet or dry cough; the location of your pains, the colour of your nasal discharge or phlegm and your state of mind. It’s all in the detail, some of which you may have taken for granted. 

If you can dodge the drugs for one season you’ll be that little bit stronger the next when the new dreaded viruses do their rounds.

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